Open Angel Forum Philadelphias First Six Startups

As I mentioned last week, Gabriel Weinberg and I brought Open Angel Forum to Philadelphia for the first time. The room was filled with top-notch investors including most of these folks and more. The following six great companies demoed their products and services.

Contently is crowdsourcing for professional writing. Content is king of the web, yet there is so much low quality crap that Google can’t tweak their algorithm fast enough. Enter It’s an easy way to quickly crowdsource PROFESSIONAL writing at a good price. My post last week was created by Contently. With one click it was published from their platform to my blog.

Fancy Hands provides a team of personal assistants ready to work for you so you can focus on what’s important. If you’re tired of playing phone tag trying to arrange a meeting or appointment, you need Fancy Hands STAT. You can have them take care of all these other tasks too.

RezScore is an analytics platform for your job search, starting with grading your resume. Go grade your resume right now, I’ll wait….How did you do? No matter what your grade, I’ll bet you want to improve it. It’s like golf, if better is possible, good is not enough. They provide the help to move you from a B+ to an A or completely re-write your resume.

Row27 is a mobile app platform for sports. If there is any doubt in your mind that sports is a big deal, think about all the NCAA basketball brackets filled out last week. Their clients are these high profile universities including Kansas University, President Obama’s pick to win the Final Four.

SpeakerWiki is a marketplace for keynote speakers. They add much needed transparency to the speaker booking business. It is a dream come true for event planners. Help finding a good speaker is only a few keystrokes away. If you know who you want, you can check their availability and book them without worrying if you’re dealing with a middle person or their actual representatives.

Sqoot is AdSense for deals. Their plug and play tool helps websites engage and monetize their readers with local deals. With Sqoot, websites no longer have to walk the tightrope between relevant content and monetizable content. It was great having this DreamIT company back in Philly.

We are hosting Open Angel Forum Philadelphia again this Fall so stay tuned.

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  • taylorbrooks

    Thanks Antonio! It was great to be included at OAF’s inaugural Philly event.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the shoutout and the recap!

  • Rahul Chaudhary

    How much did you pay for your post that was created by Contently?

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  • Antonio Tedesco

    Hi Rahul (@rahulgchaudhary) thanks for the question. Since I let them use my blog during their demo, they were nice enough to give me the post. Reach out to Shane Snow shane[at]contently[dot]com for information on Contently’s pricing.

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