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UPS has been monitoring social media since late 2007 and it’s been covered in several case studies. The following three items influenced this post.

GasPedal posted the following audio file Dell and UPS: How to monitor online chatter about your brand.

Radian6 published a UPS Case Study.

On Social Media Influence, Brian Skepys submitted UPS launches a B2B social media marketing campaign.

It seems they initially set out to monitor the general conversations around the UPS brand and look for opportunities and threats. For example on Twitter, they reached out to @StevenLLevin, a disgruntled FedEx customer (or alleged former customer), offering a helping hand.

There are also disgruntled UPS customers tweeting their displeasures. In the example below, UPS reaches out to the very unhappy UPS customer @fasinfrankmain.

Early on they realized UPS is difficult to distinguish from “ups” as in mashups, grownups, sit-ups, etc. so they picked up lots of noise. They use several monitoring tools but there’s a limit to the extent of automation. There’s always a need for a human interpretation of comments and tweets to determine its significance and if a response is warranted.

They also follow public issues topics and look for opportunities to provide information, for example, for the environmental concern of fuel consumption they discuss their initiative to reduce left turns. By eliminating left turns, UPS drivers reduce idling time waiting to turn and thereby saving gas and reducing CO2 emissions.

Another outlet from which to speak out is the corporate blog. In November 2009, UPS created the company blog UPSide to “be your window into UPS, an opportunity to meet a lot of people in addition to the individual drivers who deliver your packages.” Postings fall under a number of categories: Caring for Communities, Company History, Environment, Helpful Tips and Ideas, Innovation, Logistics and Today’s UPS.

To further share their insights and educated their customers, UPS launched a new website, The New Logistics, earlier this year. The site shows videos of customer stories and behind the scenes footage of UPS in action. There is also an interactive survey to assess how much money and time the new logistics can save you.

What do you think of UPS’s use of social media? I would love to hear your two cents.

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