How Do You Tweet? May Want To Try HootSuite.

I’m not a very active tweeter so using (and its android client) with the occasional #li in my tweets has sufficed. I looked at a random sample of tweets and found 19 out of 50 are in my camp with Twitter. TweetDeck and HootSuite were the only other applications with more than a couple of users. 50 out of 200 MM users is not statistically significant but it took me over 300 tweets to get 50 unique handles so it’s enough for now. Here are my results.

Source Count
(web & iOS)
TweetDeck 10
HootSuite 6
CoTweet 2
twitterfeed 2
Argyle Social
Sprout Social
Tweet Button
Zeitgeist & Coffee

I decided to try a few of these out to see how they compared to standalone Twitter. I looked at TweetDeck, HootSuite, CoTweet ,and MediaFunnel (only the free versions of each).

TweetDeck – My biggest issue with it is that it’s an installed application. Also, there isn’t a way to assign a tweet to another user. I don’t need to do this personally but the other three services have that capability.

HootSuite – This is the clear winner. Two minor issues:
1) Seeing Messages, Mentions, or Retweets requires a dedicated stream. Not really a big deal because they can be put out of the way on a separate tab.
2) There is no easy way to get back to your own tweets.

CoTweet – It doesn’t cover as many social networks as TweetDeck or HootSuite. Also, it’s a single stream of information; however, it’s one click to see Messages, Mentions, or Retweets and you can click on saved searches easily too. If you’re moving from Twitter neither of these should be concerns. A big plus for CoTweet is its nifty sidebar to search for users and see their profiles.

MediaFunnel – Don’t waste your time.

Those are my two cents what are yours?

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