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How Do You Tweet? May Want To Try HootSuite.

I’m not a very active tweeter so using (and its android client) with the occasional #li in my tweets has sufficed. I looked at a random sample of tweets and found 19 out of 50 are in my camp with Twitter. TweetDeck and HootSuite were the only other applications with more than a couple [...]

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An Interview with Ed Terpening of Wells Fargo

Ed Terpening is the Vice President of Social Media Strategy at Wells Fargo. He joined the bank in 2006. In this interview Ed shares his thoughts on Social Media and offers insights into how Wells Fargo uses it. 1. What drove the adoption of social media at Wells Fargo and what is the strategy? First, [...]

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Wells Fargo Sets the Social Media Bar

When Ovum reported “Retail banks continue to resist social media”, they clearly were not talking about Wells Fargo. Instead, Wells Fargo is setting the social media bar for retail banks. This is a follow up to my response to the Ovum story. I started taking a closer look at the big US retail banks first [...]

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